Welcome to BuyFromYourBrother.com

This website is designed for our Holdeman Mennonites to list their websites for advertisement, list their business for sale, post a job opening or sell an item. Our goal is to make a one-stop website for all our brethren and sisters to advertise on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Following is a description of the different tabs so you can better navigate this website:

Listings- On the right of every page there is categories which have the different industries listed below it. This is the directory of businesses you can buy from. You can also click Listings to see the Featured businesses.

Pricing- This has all the prices on it and ways to pay.

Job Listings- This page has a listing of all available jobs.

Businesses for sale- This page has listing of businesses for sale.

Marketplace- This is the marketplace for that item you are wanting to sell or to search for a item to buy from a Brother or Sister!

Thank you,
Preston & Jay Bullock

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